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Thank you @nrjhitmusiconly ! X
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Je t’aime France ! 🇫🇷 x
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@winnieharlow ❤️
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Happy birthday man! Thank you for not only making all my dreams and visions come true but for being hell of a friend to me ❤️ @andrewgertler TB to one of the days the first week we met
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Happy birthday mum! You’re my favourite person & i love you forever! ❤️
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So glad you are all loving the “Youth” video. To keeping spreading the message we made it available on my YouTube. Thank you to @thelarryjackson @amandler & everyone involved in making the video ❤️ YouCantTakeOurYouthAway
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‪Go watch the “Youth” ‪video with @thegr8khalid out now on @AppleMusic x YouCantTakeOurYouthAway ‬ apple.co/Youth‬
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Go vote.
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‪“Youth” music video with @thegr8khalid tomorrow on @AppleMusic at 10am ET. YouCantTakeOurYouthAway x‬
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Go watch the LostInJapanBTS in full on my YouTube x
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If my parents weren’t already cool enough they also celebrate their anniversary on Halloween. I adore u both and would lose my mind without you. Love u guys, Happy Anniversary u old people!!!!! ❤️