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Zlatan Ibrahimović


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Lions don't compare themselves to humans

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Number10 to @grundenboisofficiella Much respect
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Big honour and Big thanks to @shellback666 for letting me participate in the world wide upcoming hitsong @johnamatielloigen @ilya_music
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HEJ SVERIGE! Today my new book is released in Swedish and several other languages. It is a book about my career as a football player with lots of interviews with me and former colleagues, written by @therealmatsolsson. I am very proud over it and I hope you will like it as much as I do! #jagärfotboll #iamfootball #zlatanibrahimovic bonnierfakta @bonnierfakta @bonnierrights @vikingbooks @editionsjclatteslemasque @rizzolilibri @forlagetgyldendal @fontforlag @wsoykirjat @amboanthos
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Next week my new book I am football is out! It is a book about my career as a football player and it has been a lot of fun working on it. Lots of pictures and interviews with me and with people I have worked with through my career. It will be released in Swedish, English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Italian and Norweigan. #iamfootball #jagärfotboll zlatanibrahimovic @bonnierfakta @bonnierrights @vikingbooks @editionsjclatteslemasque @rizzolilibri @forlagetgyldendal @fontforlag @wsoykirjat @amboanthos
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My buddy @j_corden what do you want? West Ham or more viewers for the @latelateshow ? part2
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One more left @lagalaxy
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At any time, in any light. Samsung #QLEDTV SeeNothingElse
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We can do whatever we want venom
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Check this out. Water resistant, no dongles and wireless charging. For all my phones. Amazzing. upgradetogalaxy
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Almost there @lagalaxy
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My journey. Follow it at www.samsung.com/se/zlatan-upgrade/ #UpgradetoGalaxy SamsungGalaxy
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